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LED Display

LED signage that provides exceptional image with robust product quality to empower businesses to reach a new level.

Samsung Smart Signage

Samsung Smart Signage offers a diverse lineup that provides professional-grade image quality and high impact messaging to suit whatever your business needs.

Indoor & outdoor Kiosk

Business solutions tailored to your industry
Euro-V.A.L. d.o.o.

Professional & Commercial

EUROVAL LED signage delivers amazing visual experience in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, ranging from mission-critical control rooms to exciting concerts and sports competitions to constantly changing outdoor environment.

From exhibitions to concerts and live broadcasts, EUROVAL provides leading rental LED solutions featuring fast installation, stable performance and creative display to make a stunning show.

Fixed LED displays
Fixed LED displays are used for commercial advertising, they are sometimes called digital billboard or digital message signs.
HD LED Display
HD LED displays represents the top technology of LED display field, they may be used in high-end conference rooms, TV studios, the government mansion, etc.
Sport LED Display
Stadium LED displays are designed for sports events, they are mainly used for displaying ads or showing scores in the sports stadium.
Rental LED Display
Rental LED displays are specially designed for stage or shows. Nowadays, more and more shows and events are equipped with rental LED screens for video displaying or stage background.
Creative Display
Creative LED displays always have unique structure or for special use. They are designed for certain clients/projects or some particular applications.
Floor LED Display
Are you looking for a high-end LED video floor for concert stages, corporate event, TV production or exhibition stand?
Smart Signage

Fully customizable

Smart Signage transcends the conventional viewing experience through realistic and compelling content. Backed by best-in-class picture quality, these displays bring creative ideas to life, and enable businesses to deliver refreshing content that engages, informs and entertains

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Our Premium

Info Kiosk

Euroval digital signage display come with simple but modern design, can assimilate into many different city’s style, 2500nits or more brightness, FHD resolution brings the attractive performance for advertising,as a kind of outdoor digital signs it is also IP65 standard can work for many different projects like bus station, municipal project, tourism and so on.

Outdoor LCD Display

Its create powerful and enhanced messages that incorporate various visuals and sound effects to grab the attention of passersby. Outdoor digital signage replace traditional posters and signs and increase the impact of your messages.

Indoor LCD Display

Provide an ideal way to deliver building directory information to guests or employees. Unlike a traditional static directory, fully customisable digital signage interactive directory is searchable, easily updatable and scalable.

LCD Video Walls

Create immersive experiences for audiences. They help get your message across loud and clear. This is exactly what you need when you only have a few seconds to engage a customer.

Digital Signage Used in Hospital

Digital signage are widely uesed in hospital, which can help shorten perceived wait times while curbing patient anxiety through entertainment, share important information about registration, financial assistance and privacy





High image quality

Brilliant picture quality frameless backlight flat panel for video wall installations with anti-glare surface, ideal solution for signage and corporate applications.
Extreme Reality

The Cinema of the Future

By bringing the visual power of LED picture quality to the big screen, Samsung Onyx offers viewers more powerful, compelling and memorable content. Inspired by the gemstone of the same name, the Samsung Onyx brand alludes to the display’s ability to showcase cinematic content with true black colors.